To whom it may concern

This letter is to confirm that the Australian Consulate has utilised the support and services of PROGRESS-ALDWALIA in undertaking research for the Consulate on behalf of Australian interests.

This excellent research was not only relevant and on time but of great assistance to Australian companies wishing to enter not only the UAE market but also the Gulf region in general.

The Consulates relationship with PROGRESS however has not just pertained to this research. Due to their excellent contacts and access to key decision makers the Consulate has, on numerous occasion used PROGRESS to obtain vital market intelligence. On every occasion this information has not only been accurate but often 'inside' information which has enabled various companies to develop a more informed and strategic approach to various projects. The type of intelligence and contacts PROGRESS have access to, is vital and critical to success in today's international environment.

The Consulate will certainly continue to use PROGRESS for the development of international business for individual companies and strategic market intelligence. We have always found them to be responsive and, more importantly to have expertise across a broad range of industries.

I would personally recommend that any company seeking access to projects or support in the UAE to consider PROGRESS. Not only will their business development be managed professionally but also discretely.

Yours sincerely

Peter Keogh
Consul Commercial
Trade commissioner