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THE OLD AND THE NEW  IN THE UAEFind a niche and fill it!

Richard Thompson and Abdo Malik established Progress-Aldwalia Limited in 1996.

Before that time Abdo was providing support services to Richard's company IAL.

Both Abdo and Richard knew the UAE market well and recognised that many international companies, despite their resources and expertise, were losing their way in the market. They were spending vast sums without success and exposing themselves to the vagaries of the local commercial legislation often due to inappropriate decisions regarding local sponsorship.

Richard and Abdo established Progress-Aldwalia Limited as a specialist company formed to provide both new entrant and companies established in the UAE with specialist business development support.

The services included provision of intelligence, sympathetic access to decision makers and influencers, and the identification of "appropriate" local partners and/or project sponsors.

Progress can also provide orientation and cultural awareness briefings to executive to be posted to the UAE.

The launch customer was the Australian Trade Commission who were quickly followed by ABB Airport Technologies and Thomson CSF.

Progress has provided support to over twenty international companies since its inception - the list keeps on growing.

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